Thursday, 21 September 2017

Autumn Ready & Blogging Pals | Life Update

Is my photo giving you all of the autumnal feels?! When I was taking it I just sat looking at the dark burgundies drinking my tea thinking about how excited I am for autumn,haha, and realised I should probably do a little life update on this miserable rainy Thursday. 

I am SO ready for the colder months, you better believe I've bought a whole load of LUSH halloween products, spicy candles, (in fact as I write this I have a pumpkin spiced apple one burning, yum!) and wearing a dark berry lip shade, I don't know why but I associate them with this time of year, god forbid I wear a dark lip in summer! what am I like! 

I am loving just chilling at home with Alfie at the moment, don't get me wrong some days are better than others, last night he just would not stop crying and Id reached the end of my tether and Matt had to come home from skittles to help me out. Initially I wasn't sure about writing this on here but I kinda think I shouldn't gloss over the negatives and give the impression being a parent is really easy. Because its anything but, you do feel shit sometimes and it does get a bit much sometimes, but admitting it isn't a bad thing, if anything it makes things that little bit easier. Matt came home and I was able to just chill for a little while, which was SO needed. However now, Alfies happily sat next to me in his swing as I write this, giggling away at the rain hitting the window, hence why Im actually producing a blog post today!

Blogging has pretty much taken a step back recently which is super annoying, as it's something I really love doing but honestly if you don't have kids you wouldn't believe how little time you actually get to yourself. Ive lost count of how many cups of tea have gone stone cold because Alfie decided he was hungry or needed attention. But I'm getting there, he's sleeping pretty well so I don't need to sleep in the day now, which is hopefully going to mean I can get a few more posts out there, don't quote me on this in the future because no doubt Alfie will decide to be a little shit and this plan will turn to shit itself. haha.

Ive just had my final check at the doctors after having a baba and all is well! Im hoping on joining my local gym soon to get back in shape but I am absolutely terrified. I don't want to do it on my own because anxiety is an absolute bitch, but no one wants to join with me, so not sure what I'm going to do about that!

& finally, as I'm on maternity leave and have so much time to myself at the moment, I really want to meet up with other bloggers near me; I live about a 15 minute drive from Bath, essentially in a little village in the middle of no where, if you didn't live here, you wouldn't know it existed! But I really want to start meeting up with other bloggers that live nearby, it's highly unlikely any of you do live in the bath/bristol area, but if you do please do leave a little comment, I feel like a fellow makeup lover and photography pal would not only be super fabulous but imagine the brill photos we could take?! haha, priorities. (and all the tea that would be consumed!)

hope you're all doing well and having a lovely week;
Soph xo

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