Monday, 30 October 2017

The 3 Products That SAVED My Dead, Blonde Hair.

3 weeks ago I had my hair dyed blonde, I'd opted for Balyayage which basically means bleach is applied to the ends of your hair, it ensures it looks a lot more natural and blended. Basically ombre, if you will. 100% go for this style if you want the ends of your hair blonde, it looks so much better than the 'dip dyed' version of it & is a lot less 'harsh'.

My hair wasn't in that much of a bad condition before I had it done, although it really wasn't looking/feeling its best.. I knew that having it bleached definitely wasn't going to help my situation so I opted to have an OLAPLEX treatment. Honestly, believe me when I say, this has COMPLETELY transformed my hair. 

Its a deep conditioning treatment which is carried out in 3 steps, the first step is carried out in your hair salon. The conditioner is mixed in with the bleach and applied to your hair, the second step (using a different bottle) is applied to your hair and brushed through after the bleached has been rinsed out, its left on for 10 minutes, & then rinsed out like normal. 
The conditioner is different to the ones you can buy in your supermarkets & drugstores because it repairs the broken bonds in your hair, which actually lasts a bloody long time! Unlike your normal conditioners that leaves your hair feeling soft for a day or 2. The third step is carried out at home by you, you apply the conditioner once a week on dry hair before you wash it, leave it on for 10 minutes (I usually leave it for 20 though!) and wash it out as normal. Ive been using this since I had my hair bleached and my hair is STILL in incredible condition, the only thing I can compare it to is a child's hair thats untouched from heat damaged, it's so so SO soft and genuinely the best thing I've ever used for my hair. The whole process cost me £38 which is brilliant and well worth the money, & you only need to use a tiny amount so considering the pot is relatively small, it will last a long old time.

To compliment the conditioner (I've literally never been so bothered about my hair, I've been trying out so many products because I'm so obsessed with keeping it so soft and shiny haha!) I've been using my new favourite shampoo & conditioner from the John Frieda Frizz Ease collection. Before I had my hair dyed not only did I have a fair few split ends, but my hair is naturally really curly/frizzy so pair the two together and you can imagine how horrendous my hair was haha. 

These two focus on keeping your hair less frizzy and make it a lot easier to straighten, which is handy for me as straight hair is my go to at the moment. They smell amazing too and leave my hair feeling super soft and the scent lasts for ages too, I've even had people asking me what shampoo and conditioner I use because my hair smells so lovely, thats a new one for me! The Frizz Ease collection in general is bloody huge and I'd throughly recommend their products for just dyed hair to keep it looking fab, you can have a little browse HERE if you're interested.

All of the products in this post were purchased by myself and will continue to be a regular one as my hair has honestly never looked so good, who knew dry hair could be saved and brought back from the dead without cutting it haha.

Soph, x

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