Sunday, 15 October 2017

My Essentials For A Cosy Autumn Night In.

When the colder months finally showed themselves, I honestly could've done a little squeal of joy, don't get me wrong I do enjoy summer but theres nothing like a cosy a night in when the weathers cold outside. I love autumn especially because its that in between season where it isn't too cold & the weather is still kind of ok (she says). As I write this the sun is shining and it's a little chilly outside, honestly my idea of perfection.
 A few nights ago I had an evening all to myself which is pretty rare nowadays! I made the most of every second and decided I would have a little pamper evening, I realised it's been ages since I shared the products I use to do so on my blog, and how I go about having a chilled evening. So this afternoon I thought I would share the products I use religiously to ensure I have a stress free evening. 

A night in wouldn't be just that without a hot drink of some sort, I pretty much live on tea (honestly, I really do, it's worrying) so a cuppa or 5 is exactly what I need to wind down after a busy day of changing shitty nappies and singing to Alfie haha. Believe me it's a very tedious job!

If you know me well, you'll know I'm a sucker for a bubble bath. Theres nothing I love more than crumbling a bubble bar (from Lush obviously, where else?!) under the water, sticking a bit of Netflix on my macbook & adding a bath bomb. Ive recently got through 3 of these sparkly pumpkins from Lush, weirdly they smell like lemon/lime which is odd as looking at it you'd assume it would smell of spices but, heyho, I love it regardless. It has to be my favourite seasonal bubble bar and leaves me smelling lovely. Ive been using this time to catch up on Youtube videos more so than Netflix, I've fallen out of love with Netflix recently as I've genuinely watched 99.9% of the crap on there haha, I'm obsessed with my pal Han's videos at the moment, Alfie and me always sit down to catch up on what she's up to, he seems to just love her which is sweet, she's the funniest little love so make sure you check out her channel here - FABHAN.

Who doesn't love a candle this time of year!? Especially when they smell like pumpkins apples and general christmassyness (I know it's Oct don't judge). People will often visit me and laugh because I've got at least 4 candles burning at one time haha. Yankee's have always been a favourite of mine but I'm obsessing over Bath & Body Works at the moment, this pumpkin apple one smells AMAZING and leaves my house smelling of appley goodness for hours. A cosy night in with shite TV and a cuddly blanket isn't complete without a scented candle, is it really. Im already looking forward to buying the Christmas which I 100% know I don't need but will definitely be getting. 

& finally the last thing I like to use is a face mask, (another product from Lush because I seem to be unhealthily obsessed) the cup o' coffee mask is my absolute favourite from Lush as it completely sorts out the redness in my skin. It smells lovely, so I like to leave it on for around 20 minutes to properly do it's thing before washing it off and revealing super soft skin. Aside from Mask Of Magnaminty I haven't found any other face mask that sorts my skin out as well as this one; imagine me sat on my sofa with my cuppa tea, candles lit, and a face mask on, honestly my idea of heaven even if I do look ridiculous haha. 

Are you as excited about the cooler months as I am?! Give it a few weeks and I'm sure ill be moaning about how cold I am all the time, but for now I'm embracing the season and loving all the cosy nights in to come.

Soph x

*all items in this post we're purchased by myself and all opinions are honest & my own*

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