Saturday, 1 April 2017

Kylie Cosmetics vs Barry M's Matte Me Up | Liquid Lip Kits

For a while now, or so it feels, liquid lipsticks have been the be all and end all in the beauty world and I do have to agree, bloody love um. 

I do have to say though, what I don't enjoy is having to fork out a fortune on a lip kit for it to then be shipped over from America TO THEN having to pay a fortune for a customs charge. No thank you. 

Don't get me wrong, Kylie Cosmetics has been my holy grail when it comes to a decent liquid lipstick, I don't think I've really found another brand I'm even semi pleased with.. and that's not just because I'm fussy, or maybe I am, I dunno. Even so, as we all know Kylie is the queen of lip kits. Or so I thought, until I saw a post on Barry M's Instagram, showing a sneak peak of their brand new lip kits. *excited squeal* 

I loved Barry M anyway so to say I had high hopes was a slight understatement. I picked up the shade Runway from Superdrug, for around £5 ish I think, annoyingly the actual lip kit isn't on the website anymore, but I popped into my local store 2 days ago and its still there! Pretty sure they were a limited edition thing but you're still able to by a singular lipstick and then the lipliner separately. The lipsticks are £4.99, and the liners £2.99, how amazing is that considering a Kylie Lip Kit is £23.00?!


 I can't fault the packaging of both of them. I LOVE the matte detailing on the Barry M tube, definitely something they should've done to Kylie's, I think it'd look a lot better personally! However the Barry M one does look a lot cheaper, I don't really know why, or just because I know it was cheaper, if you know what I mean?

The Kylie applicator, (oh, this is the shade Candy K if I haven't already said) is the perfect size but actually looks quite messy. I think for a while the Kylie ones didn't have a stopper so the product would get really messy & all over the place, not fab. Mine however does have a stopper, but even so product does still get around the top of the tube and down the applicator, maybe I'm just being really rough or something haha who knows.

I think you can kinda see what I mean here, Ive used this Barry M one a fair few times now and it still looks in perfect condition, it isn't too messy and I dunno, do you know what Im trying to say?! It just looks in pristine edition still, like it hasn't been touched. The end isn't as fluffy as the Kylie one, which may make a difference, but I don't notice it when using it. 

The lipliners as essentially, pretty identical. Both matte black, both have silver lettering. Ive found the Kylie one quite tricky to keep sharp, I feel like I'm constantly sharpening it because it's so soft, and getting that sharp point is quite tricky. I haven't yet used the Barry M lipliner, but I've used other colours from the brand and I love them. For £2.99 I haven't found a better, softer, affordable lip liner. So I have no doubt this will be the same. 

 Kylie's Candy K Swatch.

Top, Kylie's Candy K.
Bottom, Barry M's Runway.


I never thought I would say this.. but I much prefer Barry M's liquid lipsticks. There we go I've said it, my holy grail Kylie lip kit has now made it's way to the back of my drawer. Don't get me wrong, I still love it, the packaging, the quality, but the price.. nah. I feel like I'm paying for a name more than anything. To find a liquid lipstick like Barry M's, that is the same long lasting, opaque quality, for over half the price, I have to stick with that option. 

Why spend more money on something when you can find an alternative cheaper option that's equally as good? 

Hooray for Barry M, bloody love you! xo

Soph x

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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Homeware Haul | Primark & Disney

Another homeware haul.. I know, could I really need anything else for my house? Probably not, but, y'know! Today I made my merry way to Primark and Clintons, Primark homeware is my absolute favourite and a complete bargain, & I hoped that Clintons would have the Beauty and the Beast merch, which luckily they did!

The first thing I picked up is this insanely soft throw from Primark- they actually do a pretty good selection of afford throws, for only £6 I couldn't really not pick this up. It'll look fab in the living room! This was £6.

Again, another purchase for the living room. I plan to pop these on the sofa along with 2 other grey cushions, I'm really liking the blue/yellow thing going on at the moment! These were £3 each.

Ive no idea why but this tropical kinda print was absolutely everywhere in town today, especially in Primark. Not that I really needed it, but I picked up a new makeup bag, I think the print enticed me in more than anything haha. This was £5.

I don't think you can really go wrong with Primark fairy lights, I've still got a set around my bed and they've lasted me a good 2 years now. They're such brilliant quality and I'm obsessed with anything gold/copper at the moment. These were £6.

Completely random purchases I know.. I actually got through the door and was like ay? What have I picked up here haha.. I think these were one of those "oh shit I picked it up but actually kept it in the basket by accident". Heyho, I can make them work! I think i'll probably pop a little flower in the jug and the print in the baby room. The print was £2 & the jug £3.

Oh my the nicest smelling candle ever.. see what I mean about the tropical pattern? Not only does this smell insane but it looks cute too. This was £3.

One of my favourite purchases.. anything disney themed has sold itself to me. I LOVE these pj bottoms, they're really retro and a tight fit which I much prefer! £8 for these bad boys!

Another weird purchase but I loved the colours haha, such a weird looking light that will look fab in the living room, it's one of those that looks super expensive when really it came from Primark for a fiver haha. 

& finally the cutest things I picked up. Thank the lord for Clintons having these, I watched the new Beauty and the Beast film last night and spotted these in the window, again, I love anything disney, but the quotes on these are too cute to leave behind. Don't really need another makeup bag but, we'll brush that aside.. The makeup bag was £8 and the cushion £10.

Soph x

Friday, 10 March 2017

Lush Cosmetics Cup O' Coffee Face Mask Review

 For as long as I can remember I have never, ever, liked drinking coffee. I cannot stand the bitter taste and the smell is just horrible in my opinion! So The fact I've bought a Lush Cosmetics face mask which is coffee scented is a bit weird isn't it.. 

I had a smell of the Cup O' Coffee face mask in the shop and was pleasantly surprised. It doesn't smell as bitter as I expected, I think that's because theres a slight undertone of chocolate which completely tones it down, or at least I think so. This may be because I'm someone who cannot stand the smell of coffee! Don't get me wrong, the scent is still pretty strong, but weirdly, I quite like it. 

Cup O' Coffee is an exfoliating face and body mask, meaning it can be used all over your body giving you the same affect as it would on your face. Due to the coffee scent, which understandably people will have as a drink most mornings to wake them up because of the caffeine, it has the exact same effect on your skin, leaving it hydrated and stimulating it to prepare you for the long day ahead. I use this when I really need it; early mornings seem to work best for me as it honestly does wake me up and gives me that fresh face feeling. 

The face mask contains a wide array of ingredients that exfoliate, hydrate and moisturise your skin, such as Kaolin. Which until now id never heard of. It basically helps to exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin cells from the very top surface of your skin, because of the grainy texture of the face mask you can really feel it working. Vetivert oil also takes an important place in the ingredients as this is the main thing that restores the moisture you may have lost in your skin. Not forgetting the all important Coffee Infusion, Coco Extract, & Vanilla Absolute.

In the morning, I will apply the face mask with a brush as I'm one of those weird people that cannot stand getting my hands dirty; not sure why but we'll go with it. I will leave it on for a good 15-20 minutes whilst I have breakfast, before rubbing it into my face to further exfoliate my skin, before washing it off over the sink. 

I have noticed such a huge difference in my skin, before I started using this I had quite oily but dry skin, annoying because any moisturiser would enhance the oil, and if I didn't use any along comes the dryness. That seems to be no longer a problem, my skin just seems to be instantly rejuvenated. 

Over all I don't think there is anything I don't like about this mask, it smells yummy, it's vegan, and instantly feels like it's working. 
For £6.95 for 150g, £13.50 for 325g, I would say its definitely worth the purchase. 

Love, Soph.

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