Wednesday, 10 January 2018

3 Insta Faves | JAN 18

Ive said this so many times but Instagram always has been (and still is when I actually see posts from people I follow) my absolute favourite app on my phone. I use it pretty much every single day, I love seeing peoples creations, my friend laughs at me for calling photos creations but thats because he doesn't appreciate the effort it takes for some of us to take a good one, hopefully I'm not alone here haha! I thought for 2018 id make more of an effort to essentially shout out other peoples accounts that Ive followed for a good while now. I feel 2017 was lacking a lot of support for one another so that's my aim for this year. For this post I've included 3 girls IG accounts that I've followed for the longest time that deserve the upmost recognition because their photos are fab and just, well, why the hell not ay! 

First up is Gem, I've followed her for a good while now, she has the most gorgeous little boy and I've been following her for so long that I'm essentially watching him growing up which is lovely haha. Her photos honestly look as if they belong in a magazine because you can tell she puts so much effort into them. She knows exactly how to make a photo 'pop' with the correct props in the right places (if you're a blogger you'll understand the struggles of this!) and her photos of Ru (Gems little boy) are of such a high quality, Gems account is 100% one to follow, and she's a lovely girl too. She also has a blog which you can find HERE.

Another account I've been following for the longest time, Victoria takes the P.R.E.T.T.I.E.S.T photos, every time I see a photos of hers on my timeline I immediately recognise them as being hers. I don't know how she manages to make her legs look so fab in her photos but I think thats a skill we'd all appreciate haha. She's a fellow LUSH and makeup lover like myself, in fact her 'product' photos have to be my fave (exactly like the ones above!) they're just so simplistic which are my favourite kind, & she's an absolute beaut too. Like Gem, Victoria has a brilliant blog too which you can find HERE. Which by the way, deserves MUCH more recognition!

& finally, Leighanne. Like Gem & Victoria I've been following Leighanne for what feels like the longest time too, her photos are up there with my top faves because she's just so good at taking product photos. She knows exactly how to use props which makes her photos look so professional, like Victoria Leighanne's also a LUSH lover (if I'm honest who isn't now a days?! LUSH are brill) and her LUSH photos over Christmas were gorgeous. She also writes really good descriptions on her posts which I definitely haven't mastered because I'm just rubbish and run out of things to say haha, so make sure you have a good read of those & don't just scroll past. She's a lovely lovely girl too, & I want to be her real life pal so we can share the love of LUSH and makeup because lets be honest, theres only so much chat you can have with the man you live with haha! You can also find her blog HERE. She's recently switched up the layout and it looks beaut.

I really love these kind of posts so I'm definitely going to try my hardest to keep it up for the entire year, leave your IG @'s below if I don't already follow you and ill be sure to head on over.

Lotsa Love,
Soph x

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