Sunday, 15 October 2017

My Essentials For A Cosy Autumn Night In.

When the colder months finally showed themselves, I honestly could've done a little squeal of joy, don't get me wrong I do enjoy summer but theres nothing like a cosy a night in when the weathers cold outside. I love autumn especially because its that in between season where it isn't too cold & the weather is still kind of ok (she says). As I write this the sun is shining and it's a little chilly outside, honestly my idea of perfection.
 A few nights ago I had an evening all to myself which is pretty rare nowadays! I made the most of every second and decided I would have a little pamper evening, I realised it's been ages since I shared the products I use to do so on my blog, and how I go about having a chilled evening. So this afternoon I thought I would share the products I use religiously to ensure I have a stress free evening. 

A night in wouldn't be just that without a hot drink of some sort, I pretty much live on tea (honestly, I really do, it's worrying) so a cuppa or 5 is exactly what I need to wind down after a busy day of changing shitty nappies and singing to Alfie haha. Believe me it's a very tedious job!

If you know me well, you'll know I'm a sucker for a bubble bath. Theres nothing I love more than crumbling a bubble bar (from Lush obviously, where else?!) under the water, sticking a bit of Netflix on my macbook & adding a bath bomb. Ive recently got through 3 of these sparkly pumpkins from Lush, weirdly they smell like lemon/lime which is odd as looking at it you'd assume it would smell of spices but, heyho, I love it regardless. It has to be my favourite seasonal bubble bar and leaves me smelling lovely. Ive been using this time to catch up on Youtube videos more so than Netflix, I've fallen out of love with Netflix recently as I've genuinely watched 99.9% of the crap on there haha, I'm obsessed with my pal Han's videos at the moment, Alfie and me always sit down to catch up on what she's up to, he seems to just love her which is sweet, she's the funniest little love so make sure you check out her channel here - FABHAN.

Who doesn't love a candle this time of year!? Especially when they smell like pumpkins apples and general christmassyness (I know it's Oct don't judge). People will often visit me and laugh because I've got at least 4 candles burning at one time haha. Yankee's have always been a favourite of mine but I'm obsessing over Bath & Body Works at the moment, this pumpkin apple one smells AMAZING and leaves my house smelling of appley goodness for hours. A cosy night in with shite TV and a cuddly blanket isn't complete without a scented candle, is it really. Im already looking forward to buying the Christmas which I 100% know I don't need but will definitely be getting. 

& finally the last thing I like to use is a face mask, (another product from Lush because I seem to be unhealthily obsessed) the cup o' coffee mask is my absolute favourite from Lush as it completely sorts out the redness in my skin. It smells lovely, so I like to leave it on for around 20 minutes to properly do it's thing before washing it off and revealing super soft skin. Aside from Mask Of Magnaminty I haven't found any other face mask that sorts my skin out as well as this one; imagine me sat on my sofa with my cuppa tea, candles lit, and a face mask on, honestly my idea of heaven even if I do look ridiculous haha. 

Are you as excited about the cooler months as I am?! Give it a few weeks and I'm sure ill be moaning about how cold I am all the time, but for now I'm embracing the season and loving all the cosy nights in to come.

Soph x

*all items in this post we're purchased by myself and all opinions are honest & my own*

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Alfie | 2 & 3 Month Update.

Where the bloody hell have the last 2 months gone?!

I genuinely don't know what I've been doing with my life for it to go so quickly!? Whats going on ahah! Im really sorry this post has taken me so long to do (if you care, lets be honest you probably don't) trying to do anything with a baby in the house that has now come to realise when I've left the room is pretty difficult, Alfie just wants attention all the time which, isn't actually a bad thing really, he's a baby so, everything's new to him. But it means anything I want to do for myself like write a blog post, dry my hair, eat, all takes a back seat. Ive mastered eating a meal with one hand free now.

Alfie is doing really well! He's certainly developed his own little personality which at 3 months old consists of giggling at thin air and crying when he's not being cuddled, but he's such a happy boy (most of the time) which is so lovely. He's sleeping really well still, we've been so SO lucky with that, he will generally sleep from around 10pm to 7-8am without waking up once, he's bloody amazing at sleeping through! He has been since he was born really, he even slept through the very first night we brought him home, he's literally a dream child. But yes, I am awaiting the mix up when he starts teething, although I'm not emotionally ready for the lack of sleep yet so, we'll continue NOT to think about that. 

He rolled over twice last week from front to back which literally blew my mind, he's such a little baby so he doesn't look like he should be rolling anywhere yet.. but he does it so happily. He will lie on his front holding his head up watching the tele or looking up at the bright light from the window, and he will also stand holding his weight if you hold his hands. Where is my little boy going?! Im loving that he's changing and growing every day but at the same time, I don't want my baby to grow haha.

We've noticed he's starting to dribble a lot more now, he constantly has his fists in his mouth, so bibs will soon become our best friend and luckily, it feels like we have hundreds. Not an exaggeration at all, we have loads. 

Tomorrow Alfie will be having his first lot of jabs which I'm not looking forward to at all, I've made Matt take the day off to come with me because I don't think id be able to hold Alfie when they do it, I'm sure he'll be fine but it's not nice seeing your child so worried/upset. It'll be a relief to get it out the way though!

Alfie loves;
- lights
- his peter rabbit teddy
- having his nappy changed
- splashing in the bath 
- his sensory area

Alfie dislikes;
- being left alone for longer than a second (!)
- when mummy has to go for a wee, selfish mummy
- being held too much, he likes his space!
- having his arms pulled through jumpers, not sure why, but we need to stay warm love!

To keep more up to date with us and our family life, I upload weekly, sometimes every 2 weeks, over on our Youtube channel, it's super casual and you'll get a beautiful glimpse of me looking slightly worn out but, it'll be lovely for us to look back on in years to come. You can find all of our vlogs HERE.

Soph xo

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Monday, 2 October 2017

August & September | Instagram Photo Diary.

I loooove me a photo diary, possibly because I'm a little Insta obsessed but y'know, aren't we all?! The past 2 months have just flown by haven't say?! So annoying that I always say this, but it will soon be Christmas and I'm definitely not financially ready for that ahah.. 

I finally took the time last month to go through my makeup collection and bin the products that didn't make it through the summer, and I gave away an awful lot.. it occurred to me that a lot of the makeup I own is either pink, or comes in a pink packaging?! This is becoming a reoccurring problem and I probably should stop buying things purely because they're pink.. 

If you're a regular on my blog you'll know that my pal bought me this Too Faced highlighter in September, I won't go on about how much I love it as it has it's very own post which you can find HERE. How bloody BEAUTIFUL is it though?!

I made a HUGE Lush order in September because they came out with all of their christmas and halloween products, I bought so much. Annoyingly though, I've used pretty much all of this already and it's not even been a month yet?! How I'm managed that I've no idea- I'm thinking of placing another order but all of this cost me over £60 and it really doesn't last me very long, so good though. & that giant golden wonder was friggin gorgeous in the bath, I was a glittery goddess for an afternoon, the clean up though was pretty horrendous haha. 

Alfie is 10 weeks old today and I genuinely cannot get my head around the fact that in 2 weeks he will be 3 months old?! I remember posting when he was born and It doesn't feel like that was almost 3 months ago.. I hate how quickly he's growing but he's such a clever little lad now. Theres rarely a time when he isn't giggling which is lush, and he's now trying to roll over?! He's so advanced for his age I can't quite believe it. Love him to bits. Ive also signed him up to a nursery today ready for when I go back to work in March, which will no doubt come around super quickly :(

The end of August and the beginning of September, means doing a makeup shift around. Away go the pinks and oranges, & out come the reds purples and berry shades, which are actually my absolute favourites. Ive been living in MAC's Diva throughout September as I usually do.. but I really must get round to wearing the others, I own so many lipsticks that often they don't all get used, but I'm making it my mission this year to use them all.. a different shade every day maybe?! haha.

Here are 6 of the pinks that sadly have made their way into a drawer until spring, am I the only person who does this because I feel like it's a really silly thing to do?! But I have so many shades that if I kept them all out my bedroom would just look ridiculous. If you're wanting to know the shades I've listed them on my IG HERE.

I'm currently trying to write up Alfie's 2 and 3 month update, but as I'm sure you can imagine it's taking a little while as he's just so needy and demands all of my attention haha.. but it's on it's way, promise!

Soph x

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*all products in this post we're bought by myself, and all opinions are my own*

Saturday, 30 September 2017

BARGAIN Bath & Body Works Candle Dupes!

Ive recently become pretty obsessed with Bath & Body Works after my friend went to New York, and kindly brought me back an autumn candle in the scent pumpkin apple! 

It not only smells exactly like the real thing but the glass jar it came in was so pretty too, it's the nicest looking candle I own and is proudly on display in my living room currently! As I loved it so much I thought id have a little mish on their website and see what others took my fancy, annoyingly, so many did, the candles themselves are a pretty reasonable price but the shipping however, is rather pricey, so adding a few more to the collection was just a no go sadly. 

However Id been browsing Instagram recently as you do, and stumbled upon B&M's account and immediately saw these candles;

If you've ever tried/seen a Bath & Body Works candle, you'll probably agree that B&M's version are pretty much identical, which obviously gave me much excitement. I popped into my local B&M yesterday to see if they had any in stock, which luckily they did! Im guessing they're super popular though and I picked up the last two in the scents Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut (literally smells exactly like a doughnut I could eat it!) and Pumpkin Waffles, my personal fave out of the two. They also had a marshmallow one, a cider one (amazing, definitely going back for this one) and a maple tree one I believe.

They're an absolute bargain at only £3.99 which is mental as the scent is really strong and they're relatively big! I've no doubt they'll last me a good while. 

How pretty are those labels though?! Roll on the cooler months I say, Im fully ready for cosy evenings snuggled up on the sofa in a blanket with Alfie, and the house smelling of doughnuts, amazing. Just amazing. 

Soph x

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*all products in this post we're bought by myself, and all opinions are my own*

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Embracing Autumn With A Statement Coat

I don't know about you, but autumn is absolute favourite season- I just love colours of the leaves, the conker collection slowly growing in my living room, the candles, the lot. For years now Ive been on the search for that perfect transitional autumn coat but failed in finding one because I'm so bloody picky!

Id known for a long time the kind of thing I wanted, a bright statement coat that would brighten up the dreary weather, that's not too warm, not too cold, just the ideal inbetween coat for the awkward time where it's raining but actually quite warm, annoying. It's taken me SO long because I needed so many specific qualities that it was just really difficult to find something that looked nice but also didn't turn me into a walking sweaty mess, imagine this for a second, or don't actually. grim. 

& then I stumbled upon the gem that is the Joules website. Stupidly, Id always assumed this was a shop your nan and her best pal would shop in, I've no idea why?! Its completely not so silly me for ruling it out for so many years. It's bloody pricey, however the clothes are such fab quality, something I'm definitely not used to as I pretty much live in my local Primark, wish I was joking. The coat I decided on was the bright yellow waterproof jacket,  I think you'll agree that considering it's such a bright, bold colour, it actually looks really really nice?! Im always backing away from bright colours for some reason but I think as it's not luminous yellow like id imagined, I'm loving it more than I thought I would. 

Pairing it with a stripy top and jeans is my go to outfit at the minute as I'm always out and about walking Alfie, so it's getting used an awful lot and honestly, I'm surprised I've managed to keep it so clean, well done me.
It also comes in a berry shade, navy, and white. Im liking the berry shade actually so watch this space..

Soph x

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*all products in this post we're bought by myself, and all opinions are my own*

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Autumn Ready & Blogging Pals | Life Update

Is my photo giving you all of the autumnal feels?! When I was taking it I just sat looking at the dark burgundies drinking my tea thinking about how excited I am for autumn,haha, and realised I should probably do a little life update on this miserable rainy Thursday. 

I am SO ready for the colder months, you better believe I've bought a whole load of LUSH halloween products, spicy candles, (in fact as I write this I have a pumpkin spiced apple one burning, yum!) and wearing a dark berry lip shade, I don't know why but I associate them with this time of year, god forbid I wear a dark lip in summer! what am I like! 

I am loving just chilling at home with Alfie at the moment, don't get me wrong some days are better than others, last night he just would not stop crying and Id reached the end of my tether and Matt had to come home from skittles to help me out. Initially I wasn't sure about writing this on here but I kinda think I shouldn't gloss over the negatives and give the impression being a parent is really easy. Because its anything but, you do feel shit sometimes and it does get a bit much sometimes, but admitting it isn't a bad thing, if anything it makes things that little bit easier. Matt came home and I was able to just chill for a little while, which was SO needed. However now, Alfies happily sat next to me in his swing as I write this, giggling away at the rain hitting the window, hence why Im actually producing a blog post today!

Blogging has pretty much taken a step back recently which is super annoying, as it's something I really love doing but honestly if you don't have kids you wouldn't believe how little time you actually get to yourself. Ive lost count of how many cups of tea have gone stone cold because Alfie decided he was hungry or needed attention. But I'm getting there, he's sleeping pretty well so I don't need to sleep in the day now, which is hopefully going to mean I can get a few more posts out there, don't quote me on this in the future because no doubt Alfie will decide to be a little shit and this plan will turn to shit itself. haha.

Ive just had my final check at the doctors after having a baba and all is well! Im hoping on joining my local gym soon to get back in shape but I am absolutely terrified. I don't want to do it on my own because anxiety is an absolute bitch, but no one wants to join with me, so not sure what I'm going to do about that!

& finally, as I'm on maternity leave and have so much time to myself at the moment, I really want to meet up with other bloggers near me; I live about a 15 minute drive from Bath, essentially in a little village in the middle of no where, if you didn't live here, you wouldn't know it existed! But I really want to start meeting up with other bloggers that live nearby, it's highly unlikely any of you do live in the bath/bristol area, but if you do please do leave a little comment, I feel like a fellow makeup lover and photography pal would not only be super fabulous but imagine the brill photos we could take?! haha, priorities. (and all the tea that would be consumed!)

hope you're all doing well and having a lovely week;
Soph xo

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Thursday, 14 September 2017

American Beauty Haul! | Too Faced Cosmetics, Bath & Body Works, Wet n Wild

My best pal Mac recently returned from a trip to New York armed with a handful of AMAZING gifts for me, what a love. He spent the majority of his time there sending me photos of pretty makeup products making me insanely jealous, but I did not think he would return with so many lovely things for me!

He'd picked up a Too Faced Love Flush blush for me, in the shade Love Hangover - I now have three of these little beauties so I am so super grateful that he managed to find this one. How beautiful is the bunny pattern?! I almost don't want to use it and just have it on display for all to see but, that would obviously be a huge waste of money haha. The colour pay off from the Love Flush blushes are amazing, really pigmented meaning a little goes a loooong way, I guess that means the pattern will last a little longer too.. we can hope. 

Wet n Wild is a brand id heard an awful lot about but never tried any of their products, Mac clearly knows me well because he picked up my perfect shade - 'Ravin Raisin', how fab is that name though!? He said it would be a good shade for autumn/winter and I have to agree, I do love my berry shades around this time of year and this one will be perfect!

Firstly, why do we STILL not have a Bath and Body Works in the UK?! Ive wanted to buy their candles and hand sanitisers for the longest time now, Mac did actually pick me up a candle too which smells bloody amazing, I think it's in the scent spiced apple pumpkin?! Something along those lines. The two hand sanitisers he chose were pumpkin cupcake and marshmallow pumpkin latte and I kid you not, they smell like the actual things?! Not like a hand sanitiser at all- these will probably be living in my handbag and no doubt will be empty by the end of the week! So good.

This was a complete surprise and I honestly could not believe he'd got me this, just look at it?! Again, another product from Too Faced but this one is a highlighter, and its bloody gorgeous. This one is in the shade Blinded by The Light and is just beautiful isn't it?! Ive spotted these on the Too Faced Instagram page for months now, id wanted to pick this exact one up actually but I just couldn't justify the shipping costs! But I am SO grateful that Mac obviously knows me well and got it for me, I don't even think I told him about these highlighters and clearly, he's just a true pal! It will probably take me a good while to actually use it and ruin the pretty pattern haha but once I do ill be sure to post a review!

I honestly have the best pal in the world. Love you Mac! x


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Friday, 8 September 2017

Lush Cosmetics Christmas and Halloween Haul 2017.

I know it's only September, but is it ever really too early to bathe in Christmassy smelling products?! 

Lush recently held their showcase event which basically showed off all the new products soon to hit the shelves later on this year. Whilst scrolling through Instagram I saw so many brand new christmas and halloween products that I immediately knew from now until christmas, my bank account would be looking incredibly bare. If you didn't already know, (as I've noticed a lot of people didn't!) Lush have popped their Christmas and Halloween collection on their website, which you can find HERE. I was far too excited to keep all of these products to myself, so today I thought I would show what I've picked up with a brief description of the scent because, well I'm terrible at describing scents!

And believe me it really is giant. I can barely hold it it's so bloody heavy! This huge bath bomb is £12.95 on the website, a little on the expensive size but honestly, its massive. It smells exactly like the regular sized golden wonders, very citrussy full of lime and orange. It's a scent I look forward to having again every year come Christmas! You can find it HERE.

CHRISTMAS CRACKER - bubble bar £5.95.
Another citrus product - filled with lemon and lime oils, this smells INCREDIBLE. It's also full of popping candy, and is new to the christmas collection this year. You can find it HERE.

PLUM SNOW - bubble bar £5.95
When I first saw this one I thought it was massively overpriced, but picked it up anyway because the scent is the exact same as Plum Rain shower gel, if you've never tried that before it basically smells of yummy fruits, plums.. obviously! I can now fully justify spending £5.95 on this bad boy because it's huge. Id say its a little smaller than the comforter bubble bar, which is one of Lush's biggest. I could probably get a good 5 baths out of this. You can find it HERE.

STAR LIGHT STAR BRIGHT - bath melt £4.25
I LOVE Lush's bath melts, & I'm so glad this one is back, anything glittery is a winner with me. Again, this is very citrussy (who knew I liked citrus products so much?! complete accident!) you pop it in your bath and it will slowly melt away, leaving you with super soft skin. You can find it HERE.

SNOW FAIRY - jelly bomb £4.95
This is a brand new invention for the Lush christmas collection this year. Ive never tried a Jelly bomb before and I won't lie, Im not overly keen on the idea, but I couldn't not buy this one. Again its a pricier one, but I suppose you are getting the added jelly..? hmm, not sure myself. Snow Fairy isn't my favourite scent, it's slightly too sweet for me but I'm looking forward to see what the bath bomb looks like in the bath. Bubblegum scented goodness. You can find it HERE.

LUXURY LUSH PUD - bath bomb £4.50
This one has been in the Lush christmas range for a long while now, to begin with I really didn't like the smell of this one, and purely bought it because of all the amazing colours. But its grown on me! It smells quite strongly of lavender, which I don't like all that much, but it's a brilliant one to use before bed and it looks super pretty too. You can find it HERE.

CHRISTMAS SWEATER - bath bomb £4.50
I saw this bath bomb on the Lush Instagram page and I was most excited to pick this one up. (not just because it's pink although I'm not gunna lie, that did sway me) it smells exactly how I expected it too, just like Christmas. Very spicy, with a hint of ginger. It reminds me a lot of the Lush Pud but a lot more intense. Not my favourite scent but id imagine it will look amazing in the bath. You can find it HERE.

MAGIC WAND - Reusable bubble bar £5.95
Another snow fairy bubblegum scented product! For someone that isn't overly keen on the scent I've done a good job of buying all of the products haha.. Magic wand comes back every year because its so popular, and it's reusable so you get a good 4 baths out of it if you use it sparingly. You can find it HERE.

BUTTER BEAR - bath bomb £2.50
Ahhh the much loved butterbear. The exact same formula as the much loved butter ball, just in the shape of a christmassy bear. This year the little guy has a scarf which is sweet! Butterbear is one of my favourites as it smells exactly like chocolate to me, and it's packed full of cocobutter which leaves your skin feeling so super soft. It's pretty small so for a bigger bath you might need 2, but I like to pair it with a coloured bath bomb too if I'm feeling extra shitty after a busy day! You can find it HERE.

SHOOT FOR THE STARS - bath bomb £4.50
Out of all the christmas and halloween bath bombs, this is my absolute favourite. The colour, the smell, how soft it leaves my skin, all amazing. Its packed with lots of golden stars that are made from cocobutter, so soft skin is inevitable. It shares the same scent as the honey I washed the kids soap, if you're not familiar with it, it basically smells like honey and toffee, the best kind of scent. You can find it HERE.

THE SNOWMAN - bubbleroon £4.25
I bought this not realising it was a bubbleroon, if I'm honest I just looked at the beauty of it and assumed it was a regular bubble bar haha. Not that it matters anyway. The product feels a lot softer and squishier than your normal bubble bar, it feels like it's made of fun actually. It smells like lemons and as I'm sure you know by now, I do love a citrus scented product. You can find it HERE.

SANTA BABY - lip scrub £5.95
I bought this because I read on the website it smells and tastes like coke, so I immediately knew I would like it. I used it this morning and, annoyingly, I hate it. I really don't like how artificial the 'coke' taste is, but I love the idea behind it, and it did make my lips feel really soft after. You can find it HERE.

SUGAR PLUM FAIRY - lip scrub £5.95
This is the only lip scrub scent/flavour I actually like, it reminds me a lot of the comforter, it tastes a lot like berries which I absolutely love & it smells lovely too. I had to buy two because, well I just love it that much.. you can find it HERE.

SANTA'S BELLY - shower jelly £4.75
I was so SO sad when I realised So White bath bomb wouldn't be returning this year, so I had to buy this shower jelly just because it shares the same crisp apple scent. I don't really use shower jellies that much, but I'm going to make a special effort to use up this one, I love the scent so much. Why oh why has So White been discontinued?! sigh. You can find it HERE.

SPARKLY PUMPKIN - bubble bar £4.25
The glitter drew me in with this one I won't lie.. this is the only product I bought from the Halloween collection, I think I just got too excited about the Christmas bits! This one again it quite citrussy but not as strong as id imagine, it smells like lime and grapefruit which I won't lie, doesn't make sense in my head as I look at the product and immediately imagine it smelling like cinnamon?! anyone else?! You can find it HERE.

SNOW FAIRY - body conditioner £8.50
Lush's body conditioners are bloody amazing & if you haven't tried them before you are seriously missing out. Ive never used a product that makes my skin as soft as this, you rub it into your skin whilst in the shower, wash it off, and I kid you not your skin will softer than it ever has done. If you're going to buy anything from this haul, you NEED to buy this. Its incredible. Again, snow fairy scented, but not as strong as the bubble bars or bath bombs! I had to buy two because I love it that much! You can find it HERE.

If you made it to the end of this post, well done you, I struggled myself.. I forgot I picked up so many bits!! What are you most looking forward to trying out?! I have to say the giant golden wonder is what I'm most excited for.. although it looks so amazing I know I won't want to use it! 

Soph xo

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*items in this post were purchased by me, and all opinions are my own*

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